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Vaathi Full Movie Review, Cast, Trailer, Rating & Watch Online

Vaathi Full Movie Review, Cast: Dhanush, Samuthirakani, Samyukta, Ken Karunas. Music: GV Prakash. Directed by: Venky Atluri
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Vaathi Full Movie Review,

Vaathi Full Movie Star Cast: Dhanush, Samuthirakani, Samyukta, Ken Karunas

Director: Venky Atluri

Hello Friends! Are you searching for a review of the Vaathi movie? How is the release of Vaathi, starring Dhanush, with huge expectations? Here is the screen review for you.

Vathi is a film directed by Venky Atluri. Dhanush, Samuthirakani, Samyukta, Ken Karunas, and others have acted. Music composed by GV Prakash. Vaathi was released in theaters today with much anticipation. A detailed review of how the film looks.

Vaathi Movie Plot

As per BackToBollywood report, in an interview, Dhanush announced the movie plot will be on the dangerous situation of government schools. As he said, the danger that government schools face or face due to privatization. Through that Venki and Dhanush have tried to tell how education has become a business. But unfortunately, their efforts stopped short of trying.

Vatthi Movie Cast

Vaathi Full Movie Review, Cast

Vaathi Movie Trailer

Vaathi Movie Story

There have already been films in Tamil based on the consequences of education becoming a business. But now that everything has become privatized, it is acceptable to give such a picture. But by then Venky could not accept what he had done. Dhanush as the conductor Balamurugan. He is engaged in acting as usual. However, it seems that Dhanush, who has casually mixed acting in Asuran and Tiruchirambalam, is having a little difficulty in this. Because Dhanush is an effortless actor. But it is obvious that he has taken effort in this.

Similarly, although Dhanush's youth is a plus, it was a bit too much in this film. Because there was confusion whether he was a student or a doctor. Director Vathi Balamurugan could have changed the costume a bit to solve the confusion. There may be devotion to school, but devotion to the extent of walking around in uniform all the time was a little frightening.

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Vaathi Movie Download Link Leaked Online to Watch

Lead Cast:Dhanush, Samyuktha Menon, Sai Kumar
Director:Venky Atluri
Producer:Sai Soujanya, Suryadevara Naga Vamsi
Release Date:17 February 2023
Release Platform:Theatres
IMDB Rating:Not Known
Language:Telugu, Tamil
Genre:Action, Drama

How about acting?

Dhanush, who plays Balamurugan, carries the film as a one-man army. In the beginning, those who think that the film is going to expose the glory of private schools in the education sector are a bit disappointed. Every scene seems to be staged without too much pressure.

Bringing child laborers back to school and solving the caste problem are already boring scenes in many films. Government school teachers who don't take classes, and private school teachers who don't have a business purpose are going to repeat what they said for how long.

Samyukta Menon, who plays the role of Meenakshi, does not have much of a character. But he makes you enjoy the waa vaathi song. Whereas the whole movie looks like a Telugu cinema-making style. So people who go to see the movie will not be able to relate to the story. Samuthirakani's menacing villain acting is missing in this.

There are illogical scenes like using the village theater to teach children, conducting lessons in various bad costumes, Dhanush playing the role of a Bharathiar and fighting, and the villagers who want to spoil their children's education. In just one scene, the director, Bharathiraja, gives a nod. I don't know what Ken Karunas is coming for.

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How about the music?

GV Prakashkumar's music by Va Vathi and Nadodi Mannan is enjoyable. Other songs do not match the film. The background music is good in some places. Although the story is good, the script and director Venky Atluri have betrayed the faith of the fans.

Education is what earns respect, give education as an offering... don't sell it like a five-star hotel meal, the money you get in education is not available in politics.

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