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Mirzapur Season 3 Release Date 2023, Star cast, Story

Mirzapur Season 3 Release Date, Starcast, Story, Streaming date. When will the Release of Mirzapur 3 be on Amazon Prime?
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Mirzapur Season 3 Release Date 2023

Mirzapur Season 3 Release Date, Starcast, Story, Streaming date. When will the Release of Mirzapur 3 be on Amazon Prime?

Mirzapur Season 3 Release Date: Hello friends! Good news has come from the team of Mirzapur 3. Once again Guddu Pandit ( Guddu Bhaiya ), Bablu Pandit ( Bablu Bhaiya) and Akhandanand Tripathi (Kaleen Bhaiya) crash story is going to come in the Mirzapur series. 

As we all know that Munna Bhaiya (Phoolchand Tripathi) was riddled with bullets of Guddu Bhaiya and take revenge on his brother Bablu Pandit and his wife Sweety in Mirzapur 2. Season 2 ends with this suspense that whether Munna Bhaiya will appear in Mirzapur 3 or not. The suspense of Munna Bhaiya being alive or not is going to be dissolved in Mirzapur 3. As Munna Bhaiya used to say that I am immortal.

Hum Nahi Marengey, Amar Hai Hum !! Mujhey koi nahi maar sakta.

Mirzapur Season 3 Web Series Details

  • Crime
  • Thriller
  • Action
Created by
  • Karan Anshuman
  • Puneet Krishna
Directed by
  • Karan Anshuman
  • Gurmeet Singh
  • Mihir Desai
Starringsee Cast section
Music byAnand Bhaskar
ComposerJohn Stewart Eduri
Country of originIndia
Original languageHindi
No. of seasons3
No. of episodes19 (list of episodes)
Executive producers
Ritesh Sidhwani
Farhan Akhtar
Kassim Jagmagia
CinematographySanjay Kapoor
Manan Mehta
Anshul Gupta
Running time38–65 minutes
Production companyExcel Entertainment
Original networkAmazon Video
Original releaseMid-2023 (Expected)

The Release Date of Mirzapur 3 is expected to be in December 2023. But this great web series will certainly be released in mid-2023. You must check this article repeatedly if you want its exact release date (Mirzapur 3 Official Release Date). As soon as I will get some information about this, I will update that information for you in this article.

Mirzapur Season 3

Mirzapur Fans are continuously inquiring about the anticipated arrival of the third season of Mirzapur by searching on Google. For your information, I would like to inform you that the production crew has commenced preparations for the upcoming season of Mirzapur, and the cast is nearly finalized. 

Guddu Bhaiya will take the "Mirzapur ki Gaddi" this time, but it's worth noting that Munna Bhaiya's wife holds the position of Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. Undoubtedly, the third season of Mirzapur will be a chaotic affair, but only a handful of details regarding the imminent season have been revealed thus far.

As Shown in Mirzapur 2 Kalin Bhaiya's life was spared in the previous season, and he's now seeking retribution for the demise of his son in the forthcoming season. As Amazon Prime has yet to declare the release date for this web series, why not peruse articles regarding Mirzapur Season 1 and Season 2 to determine the current status of the storyline and gain insights into what's in store for the upcoming season?

Amazon Prime Mirzapur Season 3 Overview

Show NameMirzapur 3
Streaming PartnerAmazon Prime Video
OTT Release Date July August 2022
Trailer DateJuly 2022
Article CategoryEntertainment
Star CastPankaj Tripathi, Ali Fazal, Divyendu Sharma, Shweta Tripathi, Kulbhushan Kharbanda, Rasika Dugal, Shaji Chaudhary, Harshita Gaur
DirectorKaran Anshuman, Gurmeet Singh, and Mihir Desai.

Mirzapur Part 3 Cast

As per the media reports, the third season of Mirzapur will hit the screens soon, and it is anticipated to be launched by the mid of 2023. After the release of its last two seasons, Mirzapur gained a lot the viewer's hearts, and it remained India's most sought-after web series for several months. 

In this article, you will gain insights into the release date, stars, cast, plot, and much more about Mirzapur Season 3. Directed by Karan Anshuman, Gurmeet Singh, and Mihir Desai, Mirzapur Season 3 is highly anticipated. 

The enmity between Kaleen Bhaiya and Guddu is expected to escalate further in the upcoming season. The cast of the series features Pankaj Tripathi, Ali Fazal, Shweta Tripathi Sharma, Rasika Dugal, Vijay Varma, Harshita Gaur, Anjum Sharma, Priyanshu Painyuli, Sheeba Chadha, Rajesh Tailang.

Onscreen NameReal Name
Govind “Guddu” PanditAli Fazal
Akhandanand “Kaleen” TripathiPankaj Tripathi
Phoolchand “Munna” TripathiDivyenndu
Beena TripathiRasika Dugal
Gajgamini “Golu” GuptaShweta Tripathi Sharma
Satyanand TripathiKulbhushan Kharbanda
Devdatt “Dadda” TyagiLilliput
Bharat Tyagi/Shatrughan TyagiVijay Varma
Madhuri YadavIsha Talwar

Will there be Season 3 of Mirzapur?

Yes, It is sure that after the huge success of Mirzapur Seasons 1 & 2, Mirzapur Part 3 will surely be screened soon in mid-2023.  It has been confirmed that Mirzapur will be making its highly anticipated return for a third season this year.

Both of the first two seasons of Mirzapur were highly praised by both audiences and critics, so it is safe to assume that the return of the show will be met with a great deal of excitement from its fans. 

Keep an eye on our social media platforms in the upcoming months, as we will be sure to provide updates on any news regarding this highly anticipated return.

Mirzapur Season 3 Release Date

As mentioned earlier, there is no official release date for the upcoming season of Mirzapur yet. Once the release date is announced, the makers will release the trailer or promo of the show. 

For now, fans will have to wait patiently and keep an eye out for updates. Mirzapur Season 3 is expected to release in 2023, but the exact date is yet to be confirmed. 

Based on the cast of the previous season, it is expected that most of the characters will return for Season 3. Keep following this page for more information on Mirzapur Season 3 web series.

Mirzapur Season 3 Storyline/Plot

In the antecedent season of Mirzapur, anarchy emerged when Guddu Pandit assassinated Munna Bhaiya, who succeeded Kaleen Bhaiya and served as the sovereign of Mirzapur, and Munna's sibling as well. 

This commotion resulted in the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh losing her husband, and Guddu Pandit taking over the helm of Mirzapur. However, Kaleen Bhaiya survived the ordeal and was taken away by Sharad Shukla, the son of his longstanding foe Rati Shankar Shukla.

As the forthcoming season draws near, the clash for dominance in Mirzapur will persist with Guddu Pandit as the object of everyone's enmity. Kaleen Bhaiya, Munna Bhaiya's wife Madhuri Yadav, who also holds the position of the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, and Sharad Shukla are all antagonists of Guddu Pandit. 

Despite assuming the throne of Mirzapur, Guddu's rivals will go to any length to snatch it from him. Kaleen Bhaiya disapproves of his daughter-in-law, who holds more power than him, while Sharad Shukla covets the title of King of Mirzapur. 

This will eventually lead to a lethal confrontation between these characters.

Mirzapur Season 3 Official Trailer

With Mirzapur Season 3 coming soon, whip yourself into a frenzy of excitement with the latest trailer. This season promises to be one of the most suspenseful web drama series, From betrayal and conspiracy to murder, this season has it all! Make sure to watch Mirzapur online when it airs next month for episodes that will keep you on the edge of your seat until its thrilling finale.

Where To Watch Mirzapur?

If one desires to indulge in Mirzapur Season 1 and Mirzapur Season 2, a subscription to Amazon Prime Video is recommended. While various online platforms offer access to the said series, Amazon Prime Video is deemed the most optimal option. The said service provides a vast array of movies and TV shows that can be streamed instantaneously, with no waiting required. Additionally, one can utilize it as a platform to indulge in their preferred shows over time.

On the other hand, YouTube is an alternative platform that is a great option for streaming Mirzapur Prime video. Specific episodes or seasons can be searched for, and their availability for streaming can be seen directly on the page. However, if one is seeking an extensive and all-encompassing array of content across various genres, Hulu might be the most suitable option as it offers a broad selection of both new and old content.

When will be Release Mirzapur Part 3 Online?

Mirzapur season 3 is finally coming to an end and we couldn't be more excited! As per the latest news, the show will have a total of 10 episodes and each episode will be around 50 minutes long. The show will be aired on Prime Video (Amazon OTT). If you are looking to watch Mirzapur season 3 online then don’t worry as it is also available on Amazon Website.

Mirzapur Season 3 OTT Platform

In 2018, Mirzapur Season 1 was shown on Amazon Prime Video and is still available on the streaming service. Even now, hundreds of viewers tune in to watch the film daily, whether they believe it. Others have seen it a hundred times before, but after a few days, a small review allows them to experience their favorite parts. The makers have come to ensure that they deliver the most outstanding possible product because based on audience expectations based on Season 1, they will never settle for anything less than the most acceptable possible product.

How can I watch Mirzapur 3 Free online?

– To watch Mirzapur 3 Free online on amazon prime video, you will need to sign up for a free trial of the Amazon Prime Video streaming service.

– After signing up for the trial and creating an account, you will be able to watch Mirzapur 3 Free online.

What is the release date for Mirzapur season 3?

Mirzapur Season 3 is scheduled to be released in Mid-2023, and it is anticipated to be released as soon as possible.

Will Mirzapur season 3 be released in India in 2022?

Yes, amazon prime video confirmed about season 3 of Mirzapur will be released in India in 2022.

Is Munna alive in Mirzapur Season 3?

Munna was killed by his father’s adversary while Guddu unloaded a magazine of bullets into him. It was a chance for Guddu to seek vengeance for his brother Bablu’s (Vikrant Massey) killing in the first season when he hunted down Raja (Shiv Pandit).

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