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Pathu Thala Movie OTT Release Date & OTT Platform, Watch Online

Pathu Thala Movie OTT Release Date & OTT Platform, Watch Online. Pathu Thala ( பத்து தல) or watch online on OTT platform.
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Pathu Thala Movie OTT Release Date & OTT Platform, Watch Online

Pathu Thala Movie OTT Release Date & OTT Platform, Watch Online. If you are searching for how to download Pathu Thala ( பத்து தல) or watch online on an OTT platform, then you are right place.

Pathu Thala Movie OTT Release Date & OTT Platform, Watch Online

Hello movie lovers! Welcome back to FullMovieInfo. Today in this article I will talk about Pathu Thala Movie OTT Release Date & OTT Platform and most important where to watch this movie. Intro

Let's talk about the Tamil movie Pathu Thala which has already released in theatres on 30 March 2023, but if you are wondering about Pathu Thala OTT Release Date and where to watch the Pathu Thala movie, you have been given all the information you need in this post. In this post, I will give you complete information regarding the Pathu Thala movie OTT release date, digital rights, and OTT platform.

MoviePathu Thala
OTT Release Date27 April 2023
OTT PlatformAmazon Prime Video ( ▶️ Watch Now )
Streaming PartnerAmazon Prime Video
Where To WatchAmazon Prime Video
Star CastSilambarasan, Gautham Karthik, Priya Bhavani Shankar
DirectorObeli N. Krishna
GenreAction, Drama
Film IndustryTollywood
OTT UpdatesClick Here

Pathu Thala is a Tamil movie that is based on a neo-noir action thriller film. This movie is directed by talented director Obeli N. Krishna who is famous for his Sillunu Oru Kaadhai. Pathu Thala is the remake of the Kannada movie Mufti, which was made in 2017. The title of the film was announced on 24th December 2020. 

Pathu Thala meaning in English- Ten Headed

Pathu Thala Movie Cast & Crew

If we talk about the Pathu Thala Movie Cast & Crew. This movie has many talented cast like Silambarasan and Gautham Karthik in the lead roles with Priya Bhavani Shankar, Gautham Vasudev Menon, Kalaiyarasan, Teejay Arunasalam, and Anu Sithara in supporting roles.

Pathu Thala Movie Trailer

In the trailer, we can see the high-bonding narrative story. The story begins with Medical Vaccine Camp which was organized by CM and AG Ravana. at night CM goes missing. From this suspense and thriller of the movie starts. Please watch this trailer. 

Pathu Thala Movie Release Date

Pathu Thala Movie has released in theatres on 30 March 2023 in India. Let us inform you that if you have missed this movie from watching it in the theatre then you can also watch this movie on the Amazon Prime OTT platform. 

A. R. Rahman composed the music for this film. Pathu Thala OTT Platform will acquire OTT rights in order to stream Pathu Thala Movie on Amazon Prime Video. See the details below to learn more about the OTT platform and the OTT release date for the Pathu Thala film.

Pathu Thala Movie OTT Release Date | Pathu Thala Movie OTT Rights

Pathu Thala Movie OTT Release Date is 27 April 2023. Pathu Thala Movie digital rights are owned by Amazon Prime Video. You can enjoy this movie on Amazon Prime.

Pathu Thala Movie OTT Platform Name

Pathu Thala Streaming Partner – Amazon Prime Video

If you want to know about the Pathu Thala Movie OTT platform and are wondering which OTT platform to use, The Pathu Thala Movie will be streamed soon on Amazon Prime Video, For your information, let us tell you that Amazon Prime Video has the official OTT rights to Pathu Thala Film. The production team of Pathu Thala film has announced information related to the OTT platform.

Pathu Thala OTT Platform Name – Amazon Prime Video

Pathu Thala Streaming Partner – Amazon Prime Video

How To Watch Pathu Thala Movie On OTT

  • To watch Pathu Thala Movie online you have to install the OTT Platform.
  • After that, log in by entering your Username and Password.
  • After this, you have to search on the search box Pathu Thala Movie.
  • The Pathu Thala Movie list will appear on your phone screen.
  • After this, you click on Pathu Thala and enjoy the movie.

Pathu Thala Movie IMDB Rating

On IMDb, this movie has got 8.0/10 stars based on 7.4K votes.

Pathu Thala Movie Plot

The movie starts with the Chief Minister (CM) of an undisclosed state being seen inaugurating a Medical Vaccine Camp. Flanked by his trusted aides, Deputy CM Naanjilar Gunasekharan, and AG Ravana's arch-nemesis, the CM's presence is commanding. However, as night falls, the CM disappears without a trace, setting off a chain of events that leave the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) scrambling to uncover the truth. The spotlight falls on Ammer, one of AG Ravana's confidants and the only public connection to the elusive figure. But before the CBI can apprehend Ammer, he takes his own life, leaving more questions than answers.

The narrative shifts to Vishakapatnam, where a man named Gunalan, known by the moniker Guna, finds himself at the mercy of a group of thugs. With swift and calculated moves, Guna eliminates the threat, revealing his true identity as an undercover cop named Sakthivel. Tasked with apprehending AG Ravana, Guna is sent by Bhai to relay a crucial message - he must navigate through Selvin and Singa to reach his target. Boarding a train, Guna's mission is fraught with danger and intrigue. In a surprising turn of events, it is revealed that he shares a tumultuous history with Leela Thompson, a tenacious Tahsildar determined to bring AG Ravana to justice.

As the plot thickens, a staggering sum of 400 crores is at stake, with Selvin and Kuttapare, two of AG Ravana's henchmen, attempting to hijack a goods train to secure the funds. However, Guna/Sakthi foils their plans in a daring feat, thwarting their efforts and making off with the money. With Singa now placing unwavering trust in Guna/Sakthi, he is finally introduced to AG Ravana. Amidst a grand festival procession, Guna/Sakthi foils an assassination attempt on AG Ravana's life by Naanjilar, earning his ire. Naanjilar, along with Nesakaram, the custodian of an old age home funded by AG Ravana, and Leela, decide to contest a by-election to unseat AG Ravana, fueling the public's animosity towards him.

As the by-election campaign gathers steam, Selvin grows suspicious of Guna/Sakthi's intentions when he witnesses a clandestine conversation between Guna/Sakthi and Leela. Determined to uncover the truth, Selvin starts gathering evidence and heads to Guna/Sakthi's residence, only to stumble upon a pen drive containing damning information against AG Ravana and his cohorts. Unbeknownst to Selvin, Guna/Sakthi has been meticulously surveilling the situation and is on the brink of apprehending Selvin when the latter is fatally shot under mysterious circumstances.

The tide of public opinion begins to shift when the residents of Nesakaram learn of AG Ravana's benevolent deeds, courtesy of Father Thomas. Revealing AG Ravana's philanthropic efforts across the globe, Father Thomas's revelation paints a different picture of the much-maligned figure. However, AG Ravana's thirst for revenge knows no bounds, and he ruthlessly eliminates Sabari after discovering his betrayal. With Ruby, a by-election candidate, and Pistol, another undercover cop like Guna/Sakthi, also falling prey to AG Ravana's machinations, Guna/Sakthi is left with a grave decision to make. As Pistol instructs Guna/Sakthi to eliminate him, Guna/Sakthi finds himself at a crossroads, torn between duty and emotion.

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We hope you got all answers related to the movie "Pathu Thala release date". Thanks for reading this article on FullMovieInfo. Let me tell you once again that “Pathu Thala Movie” will be released on OTT on 27 April 2023. If you liked this post, then bookmark this website on your phone & laptop.

Pathu Thala Movie FAQ

Q. What Is Pathu Thala OTT Release Date?

A. Pathu Thala OTT Release Date is 27 April 2023.

Q. Pathu Thala Movie OTT Platform Name?

A. Pathu Thala Movie OTT Platform Name Is Amazon Prime Video.

Q. Where To Watch Pathu Thala?

A. Pathu Thala Movie is available on the Amazon Prime OTT platform.

Q. Pathu Thala Movie Streaming Partner?

A. Pathu Thala Movie Streaming Partner is Amazon Prime.

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